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The Bowen Association (BAA) works in conjunction with the Bowen Academy. Their joint goal is to keep Bowen as shown and authenticated by Tom Bowen to Ozzie Rentsch, director and founder of The Bowen Therapy Academy in Australia, 1987. All practitioners who hold membership to the Association have been taught the original Bowen work. The site has additional information that the reader may find interesting.

The site for the Bowen Therapy Academy Australia, the original Bowen Technique (Bowtech) . All instructors who teach with the Bowen Academy are committed to follow the instruction as was passed to Ozzie Rentch from Tom Bowen himself.
Information on the website gives background of the origin of the technique, practitioner training, and how to find an accredited practitioner in your area. Interesting articles and research are located on a click-able tab.

Border College (BCNT) is a registered training organisation, delivering Bowen therapy training. BCNT works in partnership with the Bowen Academy, to deliver Nationally accredited Bowen Therapy instruction and training. It also enjoys links with Bowen Training Australia, whose members comprise all current registered Bowtech instructors in Australia.